Why I Left Twitter

You just gotta love Kobby’s writing.

Kobby Ankomah-Graham

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I get asked about this a lot.

I joined Twitter not too many years after it launched. Back then, there were so few of us on there that when I ran a search for ‘Ghana’, I would only come across NGO country reports, international news clippings with Ghanaian elements (like the ‘Mabey & Johnson’ story, which I subsequently chased up and broke on Joy FM), or kokonsa from the likes of my sister and her other early-adopter friends. It’s far more populated now and infinitely more interesting as a result.

I suspect I was the first DJ in Ghana to start live tweeting my playlists, something I started doing (first at Vibe, then at Joy and later at YFM) because ads and Live Presenter Mentions (LPMs) kept getting in the way of giving credit to all the artists whose songs I played. I talked about the platform so much that…

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#Daniel 2:37-44—Identifies the time the kingdom would be established. Tells how long the kingdom would last.

#Isaiah 2:1-3—Identifies the place the kingdom would have its beginning.

#Joel 2:28-29—Tells how God would use the Spirit in ushering in the kingdom

#Matthew 3:2, 4:17, 10—The kingdom was
soon coming.

#Matthew 16:13-19—Christ promisedto build
His church, and identifies the church as His

#Luke 7:28—No man is greater than John, but
the least in the kingdom would be greater. Here
we see that John did not start a kingdom, and was dead before it came.

#Luke 9:11—Jesus always spoke to people about the kingdom of God.

#Luke 9:27—Some of those who heard would live to see the kingdom come. This denies the teaching that the kingdom is yet to come.

#Luke 22:14-16—Christ said He would eat with His followers “in His kingdom.”

#Ephesians 1:22-23—The churchidentified as the body of Christ.

#Ephesians 5:30-32—We are members of His

#Colossians 1:12-18—We were transformed
into the kingdom.

#Hebrews 12:28—We have received a
kingdom that cannot be moved.

These few statements from God’s Word will
help you in showing what the kingdom of God is, and that we do not still look for its coming.


Google Cloud Endpoints Tutorial – Part 1


Welcome to a Tutorial Series on Google Cloud Endpoints.


This series covers Google Cloud Endpoints with Eclipse.

If you are looking for using Google Cloud Endpoints with Android Studio, I recommend my series on Gradle, especially the following parts:

  • Part 8 : Gradle + App Engine + Cloud Endpoints + Android Studio
  • Part 9 : Gradle + App Engine + Cloud Endpoints (Persistence) + Android Studio
  • Part 10 : Consuming Endpoints in your Android application

A Brief History of APIs

Public APIs are all over the place and ProgrammableWeb, the premier directory for public APIs reports that we are well over 10,000 public APIs. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The number of APIs that are private in nature or in other words undocumented and officially unavailable to us is probably 10x or 20x times that (I could be way lower in my…

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Creating a new AppEngine Java project with Maven command line interface (CLI)


First super geeky post! YaaaY! *takes a bow*

This stick is mostly made to remind myself of how to create a new project in AppEngine Java. So to get straight to the point, here are the steps in creating a new project using the Maven CLI.

PS: This is assuming you’ve already installed maven, eclipse and the AppEngine SDK. If not please refer to This Getting started guide

  1. Open the directory(folder) where you would want the project to be created from your terminal
  2. Type mvn archetype:generate and hit enter.
  3. If it’s your first time, you’ll have to wait for it to download a bunch of stuff from the internet.
  4. When it’s done you’ll be asked to “Choose a number or apply a filter”. Type in “endpoints” (pictured below)
  5. It would give you a list of 2 endpoint archetypes and to pick. I usually pick the 2nd one. Select it by typing 2 and pressing enter.
  6. Then it would ask you to pick a version of the 2nd one you selected. Google keeps adding more versions as AppEngine keeps growing so I would pick the latest one just to see what new functionality they’ve added to the demo.
  7. Then you type in your groupID, artifactID, version and package. Examples below
    1. groupId: com.example.myappName
    2. artifactId: myappName
    3. version: 1.0-SNAPSHOT (that’s the default so you just press enter)
    4. package: (don’t worry about this one too, just press enter)
  8. Press ‘Y’ to confirm with the CLI on your chosen options and boom. the project is created.

You can go find your project in the folder and simply import it into Eclipse and start working with it there. Hope this helps.

Populate your PhoneGap App with Data from an External Server DB

iPhone Dev Log

With this article, we’ll pull data from a server and show it in the app. We’ll create a database table on a server, load it with data, then set up the scripts to make it all work. You’ll need a MySQL server and the ability to upload and change files on it.

My development environment:

Mac OS X 10.9.1 on latest Mac Mini
Cordova CLI 3.4.0
For Android 4.3, 4.4 v19
Testing in device: Android-19, Nexus 7 with 4.3
No Jquery or other JS or CSS packages used

This post assumes you already have your Cordova PhoneGap environment already set up. Look elsewhere on this site for setting up for iOS or Android.

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G-String Stigmatization

Niena couldn’t have said it better. My thoughts exactly


The first time that I heard about G-Strings was in JSS. At that time, everybody seemed to be talking about them and how bad they were. The girls would be outraged if anybody tried to encourage it because for them it was dangerous to a girl’s health and a sign of prostitution. Wearing G-Strings was therefore really a big deal. Some people even made themselves experts in telling which girls were wearing G-Strings and which girls were not. Now, the thing is if anybody had condemned any girl for wearing any G-string, if she had any sense of shame, she would not be able to wear G-strings too.

Funny enough, it was long before some of these condemners began to wear G-Strings themselves and they always seemed to think that they had a more genuine reason for wearing them. Scenes like this keep playing every day. I guess that they simply…

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I want to earn the right to wear shorts and chalewote to work

// I don’t know how to start this, or where to begin, but what I know is that comfortable is a word I cannot use comfortable when referring to myself.

Tech in Ghana /*like most other African countries*/ is not new but still in its early stages. The kind of work that needs to be done out here is a lot. I sometimes doubt if we have enough people to cause ripples countrywide. Those I know who do or can cause these ripples, are sucked up by underutilization due to low educational levels or generally not marketed enough. Yet still I know everyone is working hard at it. Until then, most of us /*or most of the people I know*/ are trapped trying to make a living out of solving problems in business and the rest of corporate Ghana. Providing solutions as it is termed.

I am not saying that it is not important to “Provide solutions”. In fact, I think it is the driving force to speed up the growth of business in Ghana and it comes in the form of creating a Web Presence /*WP*/, Search Engine Optimization /*SEO*/, Social Media Integration /*SMI*/ and the like. It’s necessary and everyone needs it, but that’s not the goal. It is not what we were built for. It is not what I was built for. There is more out there to be conquered however for now, we dress formally to bring back the bread. How long would we bring back the bread?

Maybe it is because I’m just an undergrad and I have not dived into the pool yet, but from the looks of things on my end, this is how everyone is swimming. However I have seen a few things that give me hope and the guys building them are just ninjas. The path they chose is not easy and they’ve come far. It did not start easy for them. I can’t imagine how you made it with the devil twins /*E.C.G and Internet Connectivity*/ constantly hacking down your ego’s. But by doing what you do best, you have earned the right to wear shorts and chalewote to work.

//To the guys and girls working on SMS, big ups.

//To the guys and girls working on Online Payment, hats off. PayPal ain’t got nothing on us.

//To the guys and girls working on apps and games, more vim.

//To the guys and girls working on horrendously cool concepts, lead the way.



I want to earn the right to wear shorts and chalewote to work. Why? It’s my way of ninja.